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A Gift To Friends

A birthday gift to Eric - Architect, artist, professor, documentary film maker!

Free Art Friday


It was raining yesterday (Friday) here in Ottawa.  Guess where the gifted art was left....

September 20, 2013

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Today's Free Art Drop Off


Today was the first day of my Free Art Fridays social experiment.  I left this small painting on a window sill on Bank Street then crossed over and watched from across the street.  It was highly entertaining observing people.  Some were completely oblivious; a few people looked but didn't touch; One woman looked around suspiciously and then carried on down the street.  Finally, this man, came around the corner and without missing a stride scooped it up.  It was hilarious!

All in all, the painting sat for no more than 15 minutes.

What really surprised me was the number of people lost in their own little world, standing there and not noticing a painting sitting right in front of them.  It reminded me of one of my favourite quotes from Hui Neng, a 7th Century Chinese philosopher - "The meaning of life is to see".

September 20, 2013

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Free Art Fridays

Every Friday, artist Greg Manley will gift a small original piece of artwork on the street for any member of the public to enjoy and take home.  This small token is to promote the idea that art should be accessible to all - and just maybe, it will make someone's day, a little bit better!